Last night

today marks the last night of this short holiday(?).

we all left for lunch to go to this buffet which served only pork and bitter melon(ampalaya) dishes; it did provide us the ingredients to make halo halo and may i say, it definitely beats Ria’s. Going to the buffet with lola Ising, Tita Arlene and the Dizon family made everything fun. Tita Arlene being in denial about the toilet incident and me and Jhe, having shared the same table, ended up with around 9 cups/ glasses and 3 halo halo cups in the end.

rating: 7/10 – couldve provided us with more dishes that doesnt raise our cholesterol levels XD

Now that we had lunch out of the way it was time to go to the new Robinson’s shopping centre which apparently is the biggest Robinson’s in Cavite that’s newly opened. Once there, we all went straight to the cinema world and Jhe decided to watch ‘Cant Help Falling  In Love’ to accompany me since i wanted to watch Kathniel’s newest movie once i watched the trailer back in England. Everyone except kuya Alexis and kuya Lorenz all went along with me to watch it(shoutout to our very own Daniel Padilla aka Lemuel who watched the movie again just to spend time with me). All i can say is that the movie was very cute and some scenes wouldve made me shouted in kilig and tear up in sadness.  If only i wasnt sat next to nanay and mommy (who are very against Kathniel) i wouldve reacted so much more in the cinema but i had to contain everything :(( XD

it was around 5pm when the movie ended so we decided to quickly get something to fill us up so daddy went to buy everyone buko juice for 30 pesos each for each and everyone of us except for the ladies; led by my mother dear who was strongly against ‘artificial’ buko juice. Us ladies went downstairs to get fresh mango shake which was 120 pesos and was soon spotted by the guys who felt betrayed XD long story short, i hated the mango shake since it was too sour and i wished i bought buko juice instead.

we went to the cemetery to say my last goodbyes to tatay

there, Jhe being the ever so gentleman of the Dizon brothers held an umbrella for me again and stood by our sides under the sun whilst his family was under the trees far away from the grave. we said our prayers and i couldnt even properly say goodbye to tatay since i felt like my tears were choking me already.. i hid my tears and just talked to tatay in my head. i knew i was gonna come back in July again anyways so i know that was just a short goodbye but memories of everything i had with my tatay all came flooding back and just keeps making me tear up.

i love you tatay but i have to say goodbye for now. i will forever miss you.

friday means…… chicken all you can at Max’s!!!!!! huh? unli chicken?! yes! two buffet restos in one day?! ofcourse! XD we spent 3hrs there eating an the guys ended up eating 5 chicken each. all  can say is that, Max’s resto did not gain any profit from us XD

its alak-ocho time!

as its our last night here in pinas we obviously have to drink one last time for tatay! i drank wine whilst the rest drank fundador light. they finished 3 bottles of fundador light(s/o tito Frank for giving(more like donating) one bottle to us) whilst i finished a whole bottle of red wine which was 12.5%.

i was drunk.

i felt dizzy and i kept pouring more wine into my shot glass without taking the lid off. Lemuel, kuya Lorenz and Jhe made fun of me and kept calling me tipsy. and i actually was but refused to admit it. i was having fun. i kept singing and i was very talkative. i knew what i was doing so i wasnt too drunk. i just couldnt help myself.



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