Trippy weds

“Who cares about gold if you have happiness”- Homayon at lunch when we asked him about love and gold diggers.


Had an appointment with specsavers this morning and went to buy gifts for my mom’s doctors and nurses. My mom’s operation is tomorrow and so is my grandpa’s operation.. I wont be able to support them as much since i’ll be going on a school trip tomorrow to Brunel University, London for this uni open day for all the schools to come. Going on this trip is compulsory and ive already paid £15 so i guess i have no choice but to go. In the end of it all, lets just say that my debit card is crying right now.. In less than an hour of being in town, i had already spent £44 on body shop lotions, £20 for the eye appointment consultation, £10 on school notebooks and £4 on a skinny white latte drink from Costa. Its been 12hrs since ive spent that much and im still crying in the inside right now aahahahahah

I did meet up with Martin in town and went to WHS so that Martin can buy notebooks for himself. And of course we had our usual food trip the entire day today:

  1. We went to Coba for boba and sat there for an hour finishing off our biology homework
  2. We went to the food market next to odeon in Gloucester Square and ate chinese foods
  3. We went to Starbucks after badminton after school.



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