I.A.M 224

I’ll keep this entry short simply because i haven’t done
much today. Today was a boring day. I only had one lesson and all we did was draw a biological picture of chloroplasts of a leaf under the light microscope in school. Nothing much happened at school; no new students, no new friendship, no new enemies and definitely no love life. BUT

Highlight of my day =  I.A.M group reunited

To the people who made me realise that friendship is a source of happiness, strength and ofc torture, Ann and Mercy this entry will be dedicated to you guys ♥

(Chocolate cake on the floor)

“Mercy, its you!” – Me on the way home

So as you can already guess from everything i wrote above, my dearest Mercy and Alfina came to Cheney to visit me. And you know what’s new? My children were wearing makeup! 😥  They greeted me whilst i was sat in the benches along with Avi and Martin(lol we were like birds perched on a tree branch ngl). They’re pretty and all dat but it made me realise how we’re growing up 😦 i still refuse to spend my money and time buying and putting on makeup, nuh uh honey i dont wanna be broke XD

We just stayed in school until 3:15. We walked home together as a group and said our goodbyes in Headington. I wont be missing them as much since we’ll be seeing each other on Saturday for our movie day and hopefully they come to Cheney on Friday to see me again. ^^

My snowflakes(since theyre different but pwetty) made my day today and i cant thank them enough, so let me quote what my dear Ann told me:

“..the poo shall reign victorious” VV-__-VV Saranghae my little sweet angelic devils :*

and i guess this is it, im off to bed! Goodnight my lovelies, much love♥


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