Pain & dogs

“You aso”

“Aso pretty” -Martin & me on the way home

For those of you who cant understand Tagalog, i feel sorry for you. For those of you who can, ayyeee arent we funny kids ahahahahaha!  Jokes aside, if im being really honest with you, i actually don’t even remember how we started making fun of the word ‘aso’ (which for those of you who dont know Tagalog translates to dog). I guess it  just came naturally to us as Homayon’s most favourite phrase as of right now is  “you animals”. From “penta penta” to “gang gang” and finally to this; im actually proud of that kid! It may not be as good as my favourite phrase(pfft) but at least we know that this tall kid can speak properly and not just repeat words. Ahahaahahahah jokes! Love you really b.

Oh how i hate splinters and cuts. Woah there Isabel. Hate is such a big word… But i dont care, im still gonna use it since i seriously hate this! TT^TT

We’ve all had at least one splinter in all of our lives. Admit it. So lets start from the start:

Work was fun today as we only served one table in the first and in the second sitting, so a total of 2 tables. At first i was so confused as i was the only one in the staff room 10mins before work started; you see usually there should be around 5 people by that time loitering around. I had no clue on what was going on and I had absolutely no idea on how i would make my way back home and explain to my parents:

  1. Why the fudge i walked 1hr+ instead of taking the bus all the way home
  2. Why i didnt bring money for bus fare to go home
  3. Why i didnt check up on the time for tonight’s shift
  4. Why I’m even their child

Life’s hard man.

There were only 2 other part timers working with me: Louis and Emma. And all i can say about today’s shift is that ive learnt that Pla loves me more than Josh(lol jks) and that wooden trays hate me. I was only holding it and somehow it decides to go against me and stab me… It was so painful!! Long story short we finished work 30mins early and here i am typing with a bright blue band-aid(<-accidental alliteration, *sigh* GCSE English days oh how i miss you) .

Goodnight darlings :* ♥



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