2nd day

Its the 2nd day and guess who nearly forgot to post? yep, this isn’t going too well already XD BUT it is just 10:30pm so i still have 1hr 30 mins, that’s enough time i guess…

Sending a text message to someone and waiting for their reply is… painful. I’ve been waiting all day and yet I still haven’t gotten a reply back.  You see, I can be a patient person and I don’t usually complain but can you blame me that this person hasn’t replied to me in 34hrs, 5mins and 16secs?? yep I’ve been keeping a constant watch over the time; and when I mean constant I mean constant constant like that’s all I’ve been doing the entire day. I just couldn’t think properly.

But what do you do to try and keep yourself busy? EAT. Eat constantly.

I went to McDonalds to start McLovin’ my alone time and it kinda helped. Ordering the wrap of the day, medium fries and a drink; sitting down in a table looking out the window and listening to music wearing my earphones… y’know the usual things, IF I EVER WAS IN A DRAMA! Guys I’ve never once imagined myself living in a melodrama..

I didn’t sign up for this!! TT^TT

If you’re still reading this and you have suggestions on how I should distract myself then please find me in the dark (probably locked inside my room curled up under layers of blankets under my bed with nothing but my phone and my laptop by my side).

To end this on a positive note, I at least finally watched the movie Nerve and boiiii it was goooood. Why haven’t I watched it sooner? If you haven’t watched it yet and you have nothing else to do then i really recommend it! My girl Emma Roberts (aka Chanel) is there and she’s the main character XD

For now I guess that’s all from me for today. :*

Tomorrow is a new day. Start everyday with a new hope. So lets have faith for a better tomorrow 🙂 Goodnight my lovelies ❤



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